We are proud to announce a Master’s in Nutrition Science

Debuting for Fall 2023, Sara Schenirer is proud to announce our newest program partnership with University of New Haven. A highly respected university, students will receive a world-class education, preparing them to lead in the field of nutritional health. Fall may be a while away, but act fast if this is your calling; the application […]

Celebrating our Newest College Partnership with Jacksonville University

To kick off our newest college partnership, Rabbi Meisels visited Jacksonville University yesterday in Florida. Over the course of the day, he had a chance to meet with many of the University’s top leaders including President Tim Cost, Provost Chris Sapienza, and Dean Marc Tillman. This exciting partnership will give Sara Schenirer the opportunity to […]

Mazal Tov to CMSV graduates of 2022!

On Tuesday, July 19th, Sara Schenirer in partnership with the College of Mt. St. Vincent celebrated the graduation of many undergraduate cohorts. Students were greeted by R’ Elazar Meisels, the beloved dean of the program. He conveyed a sense of the mission of Sara Schenirer, it’s rich history in educating frum women, and best wishes […]

Crunching the Numbers: Why Accounting Works

The accounting field has become a popular career option for many in the frum community. In this interview, Mr. David Schloss, senior tax accountant at Zell and Ettinger, and Mrs. Shani Willner, CPA and controller at a corporate firm in Brooklyn, share their experience and insights.    What made you decide to become an accountant? […]

What makes a degree valuable?

Whether you are looking for upward mobility in your career, a new opportunity to learn and develop professionally, or a  higher salary, the reasons for pursuing a degree are many. Marketability  A degree opens up rewarding possibilities that might otherwise be out of reach. College graduates are offered 57% more job opportunities than non-graduates, and […]

WATCH: What companies are looking for when hiring DATA SCIENTISTS

And why Sara Schenirer’s data science program is the new, hottest degree option for frum women. Data Science is one of the fastest-growing and highest-paid fields in tech. U.S. News & World Report’s annual job ranking list showed Data scientist ranked #3 in Best Technology Jobs. Data Science graduates enjoy a wealth of opportunities in […]

5 Reasons to Attend our Men’s Information Night

Sara Schenirer has been offering degree programs to the heimishe community since 1984, and their Information Sessions are renowned for their clarity and practical nature. We asked Rabbi Ariel Leon, Director of the Men’s Program at Sara Schenirer, to explain why attending an Information Session is a valuable experience. 1.       This is […]

WATCH: Why Frum Girls are getting an MBA

This Fall, Sara Schenirer will be launching our all-new Masters in Business Administration for Women.  Here’s why we believe that an MBA is a great option to consider:  – Business is the new reality: Whereas previously women traditionally worked in the helping therapies and only entered the world of business in the capacity of secretaries […]