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The College of Mount St. Vincent’s Master of Science in Early Childhood Education & Special Education degree is the first choice for anyone considering a career in the field of education/special education. This 46-credit degree culminates in a recommendation for NYS Teacher Certification, Birth-Grade 2. Students are eligible for Internship Certification, i.e., P3’s etc., after completing 50% of the program. It also has a built-in option to extend to Grades 1-6.

Certified childhood special education teachers are in high demand in agencies, elementary schools, care facilities, and other organizations nationwide. The U.S. Department of Education regularly includes special education on its annual state-by-state Teacher Shortage Areas list.

Career opportunities include far more than classroom teaching. The list of career choices includes:

  • Special Education Teacher: Inclusion, push-in/pull-out instruction, co-teaching, resource room, self-contained, community or alternative home setting
  • P-3 provider
  • Behavioral therapist
  • Social skills therapist
  • Curriculum development in Childhood Special Education
  • Reading remediation/Kriyah Specialist
  • Special Education assessment and program development (with license)
  • Advocate for children with disabilities
  • Consultant/Advisor: Children with disabilities
  • Special Education Instructional Coach for general education teachers
  • Special Education Co-Teacher with general education teachers
  • Employment in public/private learning communities, health facilities, and organizations
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The College of Mount Saint Vincent’s Master of Science in Education: Early Childhood Education& Special Education, Birth-Grade 2, is an accelerated 46-credit program that culminates in are commendation for NYS Teacher Certification Birth-Grade 2, with a built-in option to extend to Grades 1-6. Graduates are certified to teach general and special education across a variety of program settings including home, center-based programs, inclusive schools, private and public-school classes, and programs.

Students are eligible for Internship Certification after completing two semesters. Students who wish to extend their certification to Generalist Grades 7-12, can take two extra courses upon program completion.

We are proud to have partnered with the College of Mount Saint Vincent, a highly ranked college featuring an outstanding undergraduate Psychology department.

Among the five oldest colleges in New York City, MSV offers more than 70 nationally recognized programs, including a full array of majors and minors in the sciences and mathematics, the humanities, arts, and social sciences, and professional preparation in accounting, business, communication, education, and nursing.

The degree can be completed in just four semesters.

The College of Mount Saint Vincent prides itself on offering superior education along with outstanding student support in a culturally sensitive environment. They are understanding of the unique requirements and religious sensitivities of the students recruited by Sara Schenirer and have worked diligently to accommodate our requests to ensure an environment suitable for a Bais Yaakov graduate. CMSV employs dedicated instructors to ensure that our unique requirements are met

Classroom instruction is only one of the many career opportunities that this degree offers. Most graduates use the degree toward a career in special education which offers a wide array of opportunities. Included among them is working as a SEIT, P-3 provider, behavioral therapist, social skills therapist, UPK, special education coach & consultant, curriculum developer and much more.

Special education is one of the fastest growing education career fields nationwide, according to government statistics, and our experience and research confirm that. A recent poll of graduates showed that more than 95% found jobs in the field within one year of graduating. Five years later, more than 70% were still employed in the field, many of them mothers of young children. The field is ideal for women who wish to work full or part-time and earn a respectable income while still caring for their families.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality education, accelerated degrees, uncompromised environment, and the stellar professors that our degree granting partners offer. Most of all, we delight in the warm and supportive attention every single student receives throughout her years as a College of Mt. St.Vincent student. For students and parents alike, the world of college and degrees is confusing, costly, and difficult to navigate. We work extra hard to offer personal guidance to every student to ensure their success and timely graduation.

Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

Students must also take the GRE before beginning the degree program. Sara Schenirer offers an online GRE prep course for interested students. This course can be obtained by emailing a request to Please note, however, that acceptance is based on many factors, not only the GREscores.

Yes. Up to six graduate level credits earned in a master’s program may be accepted.

Sara Schenirer conveniently features locations in Boro Park, Crown Heights, Monsey, The Five Towns, and online.

Courses are offered Sundays and one weeknight in Boro Park, Monsey, Crown Heights, and online. In the Five Towns, classes are offered two weeknights, but not on Sundays.

No. Each course is a hybrid course, which means that approximately 24 hours will be taught in class, and 13.5 hours will consist of online assignments. In addition, one course per semester will be entirely online without a live component.

Graduate students may borrow up to $20,500 per year through the federal unsubsidized direct loan program. After the origination fee, the remaining balance due can be paid by semester or on a monthly payment plan.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online at

Mount St. Vincent’s FAFSA school code is 002703.

Be sure to complete the correct year’s application (2021-22 for Fall 2021, 2022-23 for Fall 2022).

Registration is now open for Fall (September) or Spring (January) semester. Applications are accepted until approximately fourteen days before the start of the semester. Please inquire about specific dates for the coming semester.

The GRE Exam must be taken or scheduled to be taken no later than five days prior to the start of the semester. Information is attached to this sheet.

Since this is an online program, location is not a factor provided the student remains in a similar time zone. Relocating to Eretz Yisroel requires separate arrangements which will need to be coordinated on an individual basis. Additionally, since The College of MSV is an accredited college, credits can be transferred to colleges and universities worldwide.

To apply, you must complete an application which is available on our website or through our office. To request an application, please email

When completing the application, you will be requested to supply:• Unofficial Undergraduate Transcript/s

  • Two Letters of Recommendation (These need not be your teacher, principal, or employer)
  • Typed Essay (300-500 words) describing personal philosophy of education, statement of intent, and rationale for pursuing the degree through CMSV
  • Current Resume
  • Official GRE Score Report (if available)
  • Personal Photograph

Even if you do not have these available at the time of application, we recommend submitting your application immediately and the required documentation as they become available. Once your application is submitted with all the required documents, an interview will be scheduled to continue the admissions process.

Please note: Credits in the following areas are required for NYS Teacher Certification. If you have not fulfilled these requirements at the bachelor’s level, we will guide you on how to fulfill them while completing your master’s courses.

  • Communication
  •  Mathematics
  • Scientific Processes
  • Written Analysis & Expression
  • Concepts in Historical & Social Science
  • Artistic Expression
  • Foreign Language
  • Information Retrieval
  • Humanities

If you wish to teach outside of NYS, you will need to transfer your certification to the state in which you reside. The requirements for each state can be found on the Department of Education website for that state.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached at or (718) 633-8557 ext. 32.

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Course Listing

EDUC 502

Foundations in Urban and Multicultural Education

EDUC 506

Language, Cognitive Development, and Cultural Diversity

EDUC 513

Psychology of Teaching and Learning

EDUC 522

Teaching Mathematics in Inclusive Settings

EDUC 523

Practicum in Childhood Education

EDUC 524

Teaching Social Studies and Science in Inclusive Settings

EDUC 527

Classroom Management and Social Skills Development

EDUC 530

Student Teaching Childhood Education

EDUC 536

Teaching Literacy in the Inclusive Elementary Classroom

EDUC 602

Research for Classroom Teachers

EDUC 628

Assessment and remediation of Literacy Disabilities

EDUC 712

Strategies for Inclusion

EDUC 714

 Practicum in Assessment and Instruction of Special Learners

EDUC 716

Life Span Education: Transition from Birth to Adulthood

EDUC 760

Student Teaching in Special Education

Career Paths

Wondering what else you can do with a Master of Education Degree (MS.Ed.) besides teach? While teaching may be the obvious career path for those considering an M.Ed., there are actually a number of non-teaching careers where an M.Ed. is required. Popular jobs include a SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher) provider, a P3 provider, an Early Intervention therapist who works with the 0-3 year population, a resource room teacher, an Educational Consultant, an Edtpa consultant, a curriculum developer, a social skills specialist, or a supervisor or principal role. Typically salary increases as you gain experience in the field.





Per Indeed.Com for Brooklyn-based BCBA


Career Paths

Eligible students can receive financial aid.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online at MSV’s FAFSA school code is 002703. Be sure to complete the correct year’s application. The TAP application is available approximately one week after the FAFSA is submitted, at and should be completed by New York State residents only. MSV’s TAP school code is 0130

Student loans are available to cover the full cost of the degree.

Master Of Science in Education

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