About Sara Schenirer Anywhere

Live-online Degree Programs available everywhere!

Out of town? Overseas?

Looking for an affordable degree program that you can take with fellow Beis Yaakov students?

Sara Schenirer Anywhere is for you!

Now, thanks to the introduction of Sara Schenirer Anywhere, our innovative live-online degree format, students across the globe can avail themselves of the outstanding and unique education that Sara Schenirer offers in partnership with Concordia College-NY. Utilizing the exciting capabilities of Adobe Connect, students across the world can participate in a live audio-visual classroom and enjoy the full Sara Schenirer experience. They can attend a first-rate college, secure in the knowledge that they won’t be challenged to compromise their hashkafos or educational needs.

Instead, they’ll attend live-online classes with fellow Bais Yaakov graduates and pursue degrees that are both practical and affordable. Their outstanding instructors also share their values and ideals. Thirty credits from their seminary transcript will be applied toward their degree enabling them to graduate at an accelerated pace.

Most of all, students will benefit from the same personal guidance and advisement that in-class Sara Schenirer students receive, thus guaranteeing an unmatched educational experience.

Wherever you’re located, apply today and discover the myriad benefits of a Sara Schenirer education.


Live-online classes are delivered using Adobe Connect, the premier software for live-online training. Adobe Connect allows students to view and engage with their professor in real time, take quizzes and exams, view slides and videos, and interact with fellow students, all through the computer. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

  • Log on from anywhere
  • Classes are automatically recorded
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Communicate with professor in audio or chat format
  • Extensive interactive options
    1. Documents that can be shared, opened, reviewed together, and highlighted
    2. Adobe Connect supports iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, and BlackBerry Playbook. Participation, presentation, and hosting of Connect events are available via mobile devices


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