#8) Balance Sheets For A Career … And For Life

Rachmiel Scharg is a CPA with more than a decade of experience in domestic and international taxation. He sees his work as a complex mathematical puzzle. Scharg has some interesting insights on accounting and how that works to support his career and family goals.

#7) Who Says Accountants Can’t Have Fun?

Chaya Halberg tells the story of how she created her own accounting niche by empowering companies to clean up their accounting messes, and how she had fun in the process. As we head into tax season, get to know what goes on behind the scenes in your accountant’s office!

#6) Flying the Frum Skies with Captain Shraga Bernzweig

Shraga Bernzweig has not only figured out how to successfully juggle life as a commercial airline pilot with Jewish observance, he’s figured out how to turn his busy lifestyle into more Torah study, and even Purim celebrations on the East and West Coasts … in the same day.

#5) A Therapist’s Passion for Helping People Heal

Rebecca Jerozolim, LCSW is a clinical social worker with a decade and a half of experience. Specializing in therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, CBT, ACT, sand therapy, and play therapy, Rebecca employs a holistic and innovative approach to address the diverse needs of her clients. Jerozolim believes her clients must heal emotionally, not through “fixing” […]

#3) Hospital Dietetics: The Immediate and Long Term Rewards with Tali Mizrachi, RDN

Tali Mizrachi chose Dietetics over Pediatrics, which she says was a great choice for her. As a dietician, she sees immediate, positive results with her NICU patients, and her schedule allows for an ideal work/life balance, which might not have been the case with pediatrics. Tali will happily give you nutrition advice….but please, not on […]

#2) When Your Client’s Financial Goals Are Also Your Own

Lawrence (Larry) Barth, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF , CEO and President of AJJ Planning Services brings over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to Forest Hills Financial Group. Larry works with businesses, healthcare professionals and individuals advocating on behalf of their business interests and families to help ensure they are well prepared for […]

Episode #1 Teaser

Career Forum Podcast launches this Monday!  Episode #1 teaser is now live…Listen now!

#1) ABA: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Andrea Netzer has two decades of experience in Behavior Analysis. She’d like to dispel the myth that the field requires only rigid approaches. Netzer places a premium on caring and creative solutions. Andrea Netzer is the regional director of Proud Moments ABA.