Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Accounting Specialization

The Perfect Bachelor’s Degree for Business & Accounting

Concordia’s Business Administration Degree Program with Accounting Specialization focuses on the functional areas of business—including management, marketing, economics, finance, accounting, law, and statistics. Its broad scope provides a base upon which the graduate can seek employment or specialize through graduate training. Additionally, the specialization in accounting ensures that a student can sit for the CPA exam upon the conclusion of the program.

The entire degree program and CPA track can be completed in two years! Coursework is offered entirely online making this the perfect option for students in all locations. In addition to a career as an accountant, using this degree, students can also enjoy careers in numerous other fields. Among them: financial analyst, business consultant, sales manager, human resource director, market research analyst, banking, real estate appraiser, buyer or purchasing agent, compensation and benefits analyst, insurance underwriter, labor relations specialist etc.

Degree Facts

  • 152 credits, 6 semesters, 2 years for Bachelor’s completion and CPA Exam eligibility (in NYS)
  • Classes conveniently offered Sundays (half-day) and one/two weeknights
  • Up to 30 Seminary credits accepted toward the degree program even without participating in an Israel Option program
  • Additional credits acquired through a combination of CLEP exams, high school college credits, Excelsior College exams, Empire State College courses, AP exams, NCCRS, correspondence courses, and previously earned college credits
  • Degree conferred by Concordia College New York

Location: Live-Online


Thanks to a reduced rate offered exclusively to students of Sara Schenirer, the total cost for the full complement of coursework [85 credits] taken through Concordia College-New York is only $37,000! This includes the approximate cost of required CLEPs and Coopersmith exams.

Financial Aid

Eligible students can receive financial aid (PELL, TAP) through FAFSA to cover the cost of the Concordia tuition.

Why It Works

  • Entirely online
  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect for business or accounting
  • Highly accelerated
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