History of Sara Schenirer

Founded in 1967, Sara Schenirer Seminary has been training teachers for half a century. Our thousands of our graduates have gone on to serve as mothers, educators, and leaders in the Jewish community and beyond.

In 1985, under the leadership of our Dean Emeritus, Harav Michoel Meisels, שליט”א, the seminary added courses to train future teachers in the field of special education. This was a relatively new field at the time and Rav Meisels hoped that with this specialized training, many more children would be reached and impacted for life. Soon the option to earn a degree in Special Education through a partner college was added, and the program took on a life of its own.

Rav Meisels sought guidance from prominent gedolim to ensure that all courses would be taught in a hashkafically acceptable manner and under their tutelage, the program was developed. Their guidelines are still being followed today and additional direction is sought whenever the need or the prospect of a new program arises.

Over the years, additional partnerships were formed with local colleges and Sara Schenirer Seminary has since graduated more than 5,000 certified educators and special educators. While names, colleges, and courses have all changed over the years, degrees and locations added, what has remained constant is the exceptional support we offer our students as they pursue their degrees and careers. Our commitment to offering every student personalized guidance along with an outstanding education has never wavered.

Now under the leadership of Rabbi Elazar Meisels, Sara Schenirer has grown and expanded to many more locations. Students can obtain a Degree For You in a wide variety of fields, and pursue careers previously inaccessible to the frum woman. Through online classes, students across the globe have access to degrees that offer the prospect of a first-rate educational experience in a hashkafically sensitive environment along with a valuable degree.

To learn more about our history or how we can help you earn a Degree That Works, please contact us today.