Degrees That Work

As the leading provider of degrees in the frum community, we are often asked: What makes Sara Schenirer unique?

There are so many outstanding features to name:

  • The high quality education
  • The accelerated pace of our degree programs
  • The unwavering support our students receive every step of the way
  • Our refusal to compromise in areas of hashkafah
  • The Bais Yaakov-type environment
  • The affordability of our degree programs

Certainly these and many other factors contribute to Sara Schenirer’s stellar reputation. None, however, fully identify the higher standard that Sara Schenirer aims for in servicing our students. That ideal can be summed up in the following three words: Degrees That Work.

A Degree That Works takes into account all the factors a prospective student must consider as she chooses a degree path for her future. Our 32 years of experience have taught us which degrees offer the best opportunities for long-term success, and which fail to live up to their promise. Jewish women often juggle many roles at once. The only constant in their life is change. We want to ensure that every degree we offer will provide real value, not only in the immediate future, but at every stage of life.

To qualify as a Degree That Works, a degree offering must:

  • Be suited for full- or part-time employment
  • Command a significant salary
  • Offer numerous career paths without additional specialized training requirements
  • Accommodate the demands of motherhood and life without falling behind
  • Be in a field where prospects for employment are excellent
  • Be suited for self or corporate employment
  • Allow for work environments that will never be morally compromising
  • Offer career choices that complement, rather than conflict with, our essence as Jewish women



Naturally, this criteria limits the number of degrees we offer. We have consciously chosen to offer only degrees that are in our students’ long-term best interests. In doing so, we’re staying true to our mission to place our students’ interests before our own and offer only Degrees That Work.

As you peruse this site, you’ll notice that every degree offering is accompanied by a graphic listing all the reasons this particular degree works. Please carefully consider your options, and feel free to reach out to us for personal advisement as you make your selection.

After all, we don’t just want the Degree to Work –- we want it to work for you.


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